AlkaPlex for Heartburn Pregnancy

Our over-the-counter AlkaPlex-based digestion products safely and naturally neutralize far more excess acid than Tums and the like, and can be taken continuously without the dangers of proton pump inhibitors.

I have had acid reflex for years. This product is amazing. No bad taste. No gas etc. Just a little on top of any food that normally would give me heart burn. I now can eat what I want and no side effects.*


*Results may vary from person to person

Finally, A Safe and Natural Solution!

AlkaPlex for Heartburn Pregnancy

AlkaPlex is a new, unique product that is:

  • An over-the-counter product
  • Safe to use indefinetly
  • Free of side effects
  • Won’t interfere with other other medications
  • Provides immediate relief
  • Provides long term relief

We offer AlkaPlex in capusle form and granular form.
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Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to heartburn for two primary reasons:

First, relaxin - a hormone at work to loosen up your joints and connective tissue for an easier delivery - also slows your digestion. That means that what you eat lingers in your stoach longer and triggers more acid production.

Second, your ever-larger baby creates pressure on the stomach and other organs as well as on the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The job of the LES is to act as a one-way valve to keep stomach contents in place and prevent stomach acis from flowing upward into the lower esophagus. The added pressure compared to not being pregnant causes the LES to "leak" acid into the esophagus where it causes what you know as "heartburn." The heartburn adds one more discomfort to the swelling, back pain, itchy skin, fatigue, sweating, sleeplessness and increasing weight that accompanies pregnancy.

RCR's "Acidic Foods" granules - featuring AlkaPlex, our safe and natural proprietary acid neutralization compound of essential minerals - are designed to be sprinkled on acid-producing foods and mixed into acid-producing beverages before you consume them. The granules immediately neutralize acid in the food to help head off heartburn before it starts.*

If heartburn does occur, our "Digestion" vege-capsules are designed to "put out the fire" of heartburn. Just take one or two with water as needed. The capsule begins releasing our proprietary essential mineral compound within about ten minutes, and its controlled release continues for several hours, giving both fast but long-lasting relief from acid pain.*

Both Acidic Foods granules and Digestion capsules are completely safe and natural for you and your baby. Our AlkaPlex compound of essential minerals has:

  • No yeast
  • No wheat
  • No corn
  • No milk
  • No egg
  • No soy
  • No gluten
  • No artificial colors
  • No sugar
  • No starch
  • No preservatives
  • No nuts
  • No flavorings 

Independent laboratory testing shows AlkaPlex is many times more effective at neutralizing excess stomach acid than the products shown in the table below. And AlkaPlex is far safer than Proton Pump Inhibitors - both OTC and prescription - and can be taken continuously without damage to your health:*

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 *Results may vary from person-to-person.
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Laboratory Tested

Alkaplex is proven to neutralize up to
1680% more acid than other products!

Independent testing by Pacific Testing Laboratories has documented that AlkaPlex neutralizes:

  • 1680% -- more acid than -- Maalox®
  • 1160% -- more acid than -- Tums®
  • 510% --- more acid than -- Prelief®
  • 300% --- more acid than -- Mylanta®
  • 240% ---more acid than -- Rolaids® w/alum.

AlkaPlex is entirely safe to take daily and indefinitely while...

  • Pepcid AC®,
  • Nexium®,
  • Prilosec® &
  • Prevacid®

should NOT be taken for more than two weeks continuously without consulting a physician and have a risk of organ damage if not properly administered.

Prevent the Fire
of Stomach Acid

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I suffered from chronic indigestion. I would lay stacks of antacids on my night stand to take throughout the night. After starting the pills to alkalize, I didn't realize I wasn't taking the antacids until one day when I was putting on my socks! I noticed the antacids looked funny. I leaned closer and saw there was dust on top of the stacks. It had been weeks since I had taken the antacids! *

~ Shari T, PA

*Results may vary from person to person

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What Makes Root Cause ResponseTM So Unique?


A proprietary ingredient for helping manage excess body acid

All Natural

NO synthetics, NO steroids, NO stimulants, NO yeast, NO gluten, NO corn, NO soy, NO milk, No egg, NO sugar, NO artificial colors/flavorings, NO starch, NO preservatives and NO nuts

Patented Process

A patented manufacturing process that allows AlkaPlex to provide its benefits both quickly and over a long period of time

FDA Certified NDI

AklaPlex products have an FDA certification as a “New Dietary Ingredient” (NDI)

FDA Certified GRAS

AklaPlex products have an FDA Certification as “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS)

Superior Consistency

Exceeds Federal and pharmaceutical grade requirements for ingredient consistency

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From the Jounral of Integrated Medicine | Feb 2015, pg 8-12

Acidosis: An Old Idea Validated by New Research

By: Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief

The idea that “being too acid” contributes to disease susceptibility, especially cancer, has been around for a long time in the natural/integrative medicine world. This concept was easily discounted by conventional medicine as measuring blood pH on various types of diets showed no change.

Up until about 10 years ago, no research existed to counter this skepticism. However, since then, a growing body of research has documented not only that “acidosis” is a real phenomenon, but that it is now known to contribute to a wide range of diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and increased susceptibility to environmental toxins—and new research is adding to the list. In this editorial, I will review the biochemistry the various food components, soft drinks, prescription drugs, and metabolic dysfunctions affect the acid/base balance of cells...

Read Full Article >

"...acidosis is a real phenomenon...
known to contribute to a
wide range of diseases..."

Read original article at
(National Center for Biotechnology Information)

The Science Behind Root Cause ResponseTM

A patented system makes possible the encapsulation of three strong alkalizing minerals into microscopic crystals. Millions of crystals are then bound into a granule to deliver a controlled, time-release of the minerals into the body.

The result is both more effective and longer-lasting neutralization of excess body acid.* By delivering AlkaPlex into the body in a variety of forms (bare granules, caplets, capsules, creams, etc...), we can focus its effectiveness on a multitude of conditions.

Alkaplex could not exist if it weren't for this remarkable encapsulation process. And because this process is pateneted, only AlkaPlex has it, or ever will.

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* Results may vary from person-to-person.

AlkaPlexTM Encapsulated Crystal

Three minerals atomically bonded together 3 Microns in size or one-millionth of a meter.

The AlkaPlexTM Granual

Millions of crystals bound together,
1 millimeter in size.

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Why You Need AlkaPlex

A growing body of research has now clearly documented clinical benefit (to controlling acidosis) through diet and alkalizing supplements...~ Joe Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief, Integrative Medicine Read More >

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