Why You Need Alkaplex® (formerly Alka-Plex®)

AlkaPlex - The Solution to Excess Body Acid*

Looking at the research on acidosis (excess body acid) has been fascinating. I find it so encouraging when, yet again, an old-time concept is validated with modern research. A growing body of research has now clearly documented clinical benefit (to controlling acidosis) through diet and alkalizing supplements. The concept of excessive acidity damaging health and increasing disease risk is sound, and I think we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.” [- Acidosis: An Old Idea Validated by New Research , Joe Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief, Integrative Medicine, Vol. 14, No. 1, February 2015]

Root Cause Response™ products, featuring their patented AlkaPlex™ mineral compound, go to the root of optimal health by helping to assure that your body is always in alkaline balance - as intended - and ready to meet emergency acid-neutralization demands. Unlike dietary supplements that try to target isolated (suspected) symptoms of health risk, Root Cause Response products support overall optimal health by promoting a slightly alkaline body environment that virtually all diseases hate.

The effectiveness of AlkaPlex is possible only because the inventor of the compound also designed, invented and built a machine with theretofore impossible capabilities. It atomically bonds and encapsulates the mineral compound components into calcium shells at the microscopic level, which allows the controlled, slow release of the minerals for maximum and longer-lasting absorption, the secret to its effectiveness. Without that patented machine, our key ingredient would not be possible. And only AlkaPlex has it. And ever will.


AlkaPlex™ is so safe and health-supporting that it has been formally certified as a “New Dietary Ingredient” by the U.S. government. Our products deliver AlkaPlex™ in a variety of forms which help emphasize its benefits on specific structures and functions.*

1680% more acid than one unit of Laboratory testing has documented that one unit of AlkaPlex® neutralizes... Maalox®
1160% more acid than one unit of Tums®
510% more acid than one unit of Prelief®
300% more acid than one unit of Mylanta®
240% more acid than one unit of Rolaids w/alum.®
the products to the right should not be taken for more than two weeks continuously without consulting your physician. Organ damage could possibly occur if not properly administered. AlkaPlex® is extremely safe to take daily and indefinitely, while... Pepcid AC®
*Results may vary from person-to-person.


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