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Root Cause Response Products

What makes RCR products unique?

All of our products contain the patented, proprietary compound AlkaPlex® (formerly Alka-Plex®), which goes to the root of optimal health by neutralizing excess body acid. A patented system makes possible the encapsulation of three strong alkalizing minerals into microscopic crystals. Millions of crystals are then bound into a granule to deliver a controlled, time-release of the minerals into the body.

Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment (the opposite end of the pH range from acidic). And research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself. So, no matter what type of modality you choose to address your health needs, it won’t be as effective until the pH level is in the optimal range. Plus, if your pH is not properly balanced, your body cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements.

Unlike dietary supplements that try to target isolated (suspected) symptoms of health risk, Root Cause Response products support overall optimal health by promoting a slightly alkaline body environment that virtually all diseases hate.

The result is both more effective and longer-lasting neutralization of excess body acid.* By delivering AlkaPlex into the body in a variety of forms (bare granules, caplets, capsules, creams, etc.) we can focus its effectiveness on a multitude of excess-acid-related conditions. AlkaPlex could not exist if it weren't for this remarkable encapsulation process. And only AlkaPlex has it...or ever will.

And, AlkaPlex is so safe and health-supporting, that it is certified as both a "New Dietary Ingredient" (NDI) and "Generally Regarded as Safe" by the U.S. government. Lastly, the purity and uniformity of AlkaPlex is 100 times greater than that required by the U.S. government.

Can Root Cause Response products help make health supplements more effective?

That depends entirely on the efficacy of each and every supplement in the first place. AlkaPlex can't make an ineffective supplement effective. Having said that, it is generally believed that, if body pH is not properly balanced, your body cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements.

Is it safe to use more than one AlkaPlex product at the same time?

Yes, it is safe to use more than one AlkaPlex product at the same time. Just stay within the dosage instructions on each product label.

What are the possible side-effects of using AlkaPlex?

From laboratory testing and from a great deal of customer feedback over a number of years, the only side-effects we are aware of is possible bloating. Even that has rarely been reported, and most of those users were taking more product than our recommended dosage. As always, consult your health care provider(s) immediately if you encounter any unexpected symptoms and follow their advice.

Can AlkaPlex and prescription products both be taken without complications or side-effects?

We are not aware of any complications or issues that have risen as a result of taking both AlkaPlex and prescription products. In fact, the research evidence suggests that AlkaPlex may enhance the absorption of vitamins, minerals and prescription products. As always, consult your health care provider(s) immediately if you encounter any unexpected symptoms and follow their advice.

How do I select the right Root Cause Response product(s) for me? 

On the home page, in the main, top navigation, mouseover the links entitled "Whole Body Wellness, "Digestion," or "Physical Performance". In the drop-down menus under each of those items, click the health or performance issue that is closest to your area of interest. Each page has RCR product recommendations for that health issue, plus documention of the sources for those recommendations.  

Is AlkaPlex safe?

AlkaPlex is extremely safe, which is how it earned the U.S government's New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) and Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) certifications. Few dietary supplement products meet the rigorous requirements to earn both certifications.

What is the correct dosage for each RCR product?

Product Recommended Dosage
Daily Peak Performance Take 1 caplet daily for each 40 pounds of body weight. Divide dosage between morning and evening times.
Digestion Take 1 to 2 capsules with water as needed for indigestion discomfort.
Acidic Foods Add 1/4 teaspoon to 500 ml or 1 pint of liquid, and stir or shake well. For foods, spriknle at least 1/4 teaspoon on foods as needd.

Our toxicity studies indicate that even dosage levels far beyond our recommended levels have no serious consequences other than perhaps some bloating or constipation. Stay within the recommended dosages and you'll be way safe.

What are the signs that RCR products are working for me?

Because neutralizing excess body acid goes to the root of optimal health, the benefits of RCR products to each person depends entirely on their starting health state. Most of our customers report not only a clearly-noticeable improvement in the condition they set out to address, but other conditions as well.*

Privacy and Security

Do you guarantee RCR products?

Our guarantee is simple. Our goal is for our customers to be not just satisfied, but delighted with our products. If after giving RCR products a fair chance - say, a period of taking our recommended dosage for a month or so - you aren't convinced that they have helped improve your health, please ask for a refund of your last order for the product in question. Email your request to Please include the order number of that last order.

Full product amount is refunded.**

Is my credit card information safe?

We could write volumes on this topic, but we'll confne it to this simple statement: Our entire business operates on the Shopify Webstore platform, one of the largest in the world. Consequently, our customer information is as safe as one of the largest U.S. ecommerce enterprise can make it. And none of the information we maintain about you resides outside the Shopify platform.

Do you share my contact information or order history with anyone else?

Never. Ever. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ordering, Shipping, Taxes and Tracking

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal and Amazon Payments.

How long will it take my shipment to arrive?

It depends on a variety of factors. If you use an Amazon account with Prime, you'll be provided the guaranteed date of delivery in your order confirmation. Even if you don't have a Prime account, if you order RCR products on Amazon, shipping will be free for standard-speed delivery within the continental US. You can opt for faster delivery if you elect to pay for the difference.

By default, all orders delivered to the continental US are sent standard-speed and free of shipping charges, regardless of your checkout method:

  1. Via your Amazon account with Prime membership
  2. Via an RCR customer account established at an earlier time
  3. Via a new RCR account you create to complete your first order

You can opt for faster delivery if you elect to pay for the difference.

Our free product-trial samples have a small handling charge, but no shipping charges.

Can I send RCR products to a third party as a gift?

Yes, just check the "gift' option when it appears during checkout.

Under what name will RCR’s charges appear on my credit card statement?

Charges will show up as from Root Cause Response LLC or an abbreviated version of same.

How can I check my order status?

You will get order status via automated emails. You can also log into your Shopify account and look up the status of recent orders.

How do I enter addresses so they will be accepted by the Amazon system?

  • Your billing address must match the address that appears on your monthly credit card or bank statement. Be sure to check your statement for accuracy.
  • Leave fields blank if they don’t apply to your shipping or billing address. Do not enter “N/A”, “Not Applicable,” “None,” “Same” etc.
  • Enter information in the appropriate fields For example, do not enter city and state information in the “Address Lline 2” field; use the provided city and state fields instead.
  • Avoid using accent marks or non-English characters. Our systems cannot process Chinese characters, Cyrillic letters, etc, and entering these into any of the address fields may delay shipment of your packages.
  • Do not enter shipping or delivery instructions in any of the address fields. In order to ship your items in a timely fashion, and its Merchants and Marketplace sellers use a variety of carriers, and we’re unable to accommodate requests for specific shippers.
  • Having trouble getting your address to fit on Address Lines 1 and 2? Here are some common U.S. Postal Service abbreviations that might help:
Expressway: EXPY Floor: FL Fort: FT Gardens: GDNS
Harbor: HBR Heights: HTS Highway: HWY Hills: HLS
Island: IS Junction: JCT Lake: LK Landing: LDG
Lane: LN Lodge: LDG Mount: MT Mountain: MTN
Office: OFC Parkway: PKWY Penthouse: PH Plaza: PLZ
Point: PT Post Office Box: P.O. BOX Road: RD Room: RM
Route: RTE Square: SQ Station: STA Street: ST
Suite: STE Terrace: TER Turnpike: TPKE Valley: VLY

How do discount codes work?

If you have a promotional discount code, please enter it in the field provided on the Place Your Order page, and click the Apply button. You will see your discount applied in the Order Summary box. Alternatively, you may enter this code on the Payment Method page.

How do Automatic Promotional Codes work?

Some promotional discounts are automatically applied to your order during Checkout. If this is the case, your promotional discount will automatically be applied to qualified orders. During your online Checkout, you will see your discount applied on the Place Your Order page, as well as in the order acknowledgement e-mail we will send you.

Can I change an order?

You can make changes to an order (for example, changing item quantities or deleting an item) if the items have not yet been shipped. However, keep in mind that changing item quantities or deleting items may affect the eligibility of any promotional offers used with the order or related orders in a purchase

Can I cancel an order?

If an order includes promotional offers, you may not be able to cancel the order. If any items in the same purchase (possibly in other orders) have already shipped.

How do refunds work in the case where free gifts or discounts had been applied to the order?

The refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect the value of any free gifts or discounts.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, we charge sales tax as required by law, which is complex and continually subject to change.

Will the “Estimated Taxes” you indicate on my order be the actual sales tax that I pay?

Many factors can change between the time you place an order and the time your order is shipped. Therefore, the amount appearing on your order as “Estimated Tax” may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.

What factors determine the application of sales tax?

The amount of tax charged for your order depends on many factors, including:

  • The identity and location of the seller.
  • The location of the approval
  • The type of item purchasd, and
  • The destination of the shipment

How Is Sales Tax Calculated?

If an item is subject to sales or use tax in the state to which it is shipped, tax is generally calculated on its total selling price. In accordance with state tax laws, the total selling price of an item generally includes item-level shipping and handling charges, discounts and gift-wrapping charges, and an allocation of order-level shipping and handling charges and discounts.

The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and locat rate for the address where your order is approved or shipped. Therefore, the tax rate applied to your order may be different for an order shipped to your home address than it is for an order for the very same items shipped to your work address.

 *Results may vary from person-to-person.
**The full price of your product purchase will be refunded.



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