Become an RCR Reseller

Become an RCR Reseller

Reseller Program Definition

We define resellers simply as businesses that buy products in quantity from us for resale to either other distribution channel members or to end-users (consumers). Resellers make their money on the margin between the price they pay RCR for those products and the amount they charge third parties for those products. RCR discounts its pricing off-retail for resellers to enable them to realize an attractive margin.

What Kind of Resellers We Are Looking For

We are much more interested in the quality of resellers than we are the quantity. We look for the following attributes in our resellers:

  • An established, going business marketing self-care health products
  • Expertise related to self-care health products
  • May be an offline or online business, or both
  • May be independent or chain stores
  • No MLM/network marketing businesses (it is a conflict with our business model)
  • May be a healthcare practitioner selling to patients/clients, such as MDs, DOs, NDs, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc.
  • Has sufficient familiarity with - and total commitment to - Federal regulations pertaining to marketing dietary supplements (most importantly, that means you know the difference between a disease claim and a structure-function claim)
  • Has integrity in dealing with all parties
  • Has a positive image in the marketplace
  • Is willing to co-exist with RCR's direct-to-end-user online sales

How To Apply To Become An RCR Reseller

Resellers must submit an application and be approved. Upon mutual approval of pricing, terms, policies and procedures, a reseller’s agreement is accordingly executed. The reseller orders products directly from Root Cause Response, LLC, which fulfills the orders.

If you are interested in exploring becoming a reseller of RCR products, please complete and submit the form below:




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