AlkaPlex for Higher Physical Performance & Endurance

AlkaPlex neutralizes the acids generated by sustained physical activity ("exercise-induced metabolic acidosis"), thereby increasing endurance ("raising the wall"), reducing muscle soreness, and promoting faster muscle recovery.

"I've been taking this product regularly for some time now, and it has made a hugely positive difference for me. I get sick less often. I don't have aches and pains after working out. I just generally feel better.*

~David M.

*Results may vary from person to person

Finally, A Safe and Natural Product!

AlkaPlex for Higher Physical Performance & Endurance

Did you know reducing acidic waste from your body's cells can enhance your physical performance during:

  • Daily activities like walking
  • Mild to moderate exercise
    yoga, golf, jogging, swimming, etc...
  • Intense exertions like marathongs and triathalons

Report on Study of AlkaPlex for Enhancing Elite Bicyclist Physical Performance & Endurance

During high intensity exercise, lactic acid production impairs energy metabolism and muscle contraction. Theoretically, alkalizing agents, such as bicarbonate, restores the pH level, delays the onset of fatigue, and improves endurance during high intensity exercise. Improvements in lactate buffering and performance in sprints has been documented.

But less is documented relating to endurance at the anaerobic (metabolic acidosis) threshold (AT) or muscle recovery the day after exhaustive exercise.

The question being tested is: Can Alka-Plex®, a mineral supplement that is formulated to act as an alkalizing agent, improve the body’s ability to manage excess acids generated during high intensity exercise?

Improvements in managing acidic stress is measured by: (1) various physiological tests (i.e. VO2max, fractional utilization of VO2 at AT, maximal respiratory frequency, R value, pain scale, lactate and bicarbonate blood levels); or (2) improved endurance; or (3) improved muscle recovery after exhaustive exercise?

Elite Bicyclist Pilot Study Using Two Levels of AlkaPlex® Supplementation
By Emily Cooper, M.D.

Test Methods and Findings


Two elite male cyclists performed a series of tests over a six-week period. Cyclist “A” was a 49 year old, nationally ranked, male triathlete weighing 150 pounds. Cyclist “B” was a 57 year old, competitive male athlete weighing 160 pounds.

Each athlete underwent three separate weeks of testing. Each week included a VO2max and anaerobic threshold (AT) test on Day 1 (see definitions for more details about these measures), a “Time to Fatigue at AT” test (i.e. exercise at the predetermined AT for as long as possible for each athlete) on Day 4, and a muscular recovery test (i.e. number of leg presses at 2.7 times body weight after exercising to exhaustion on the previous day) on Day 5.

Athletes were tested first to determine a baseline with no Alka-Plex supplementation. This was followed by a week of testing using a low dose of 4 grams of Alka-Plex per day. A final week of testing used a higher dose of 2mEq/kilogram of body weight (about 11grams per day for a 150 pound athlete). Each testing week was separated by a week of rest.

Gas exchange testing was performed using the Cosmed K4B2 portable breath-by-breath analyzer. Lactate was measured using an Accusport Analyzer. Bicycle testing was done using a CompuTrainer with gearing set for the AT test on Day 1 and the “Time to Fatigue at AT test on Day 4. A Cybex leg press machine was used for the muscle recovery test on Day 5.


  1. Alka-Plex supplementation significantly increased the time to fatigue for both athletes (258% for Cyclist A, 28% for Cyclist B).*

  2. Lactate levels for both athletes (an indication of lactic acid processed during exercise) at exhaustion were not as high with AlkaPlex supplementation in spite of the increased work performed (17% lower for Cyclist A, 50% lower for Cyclist B).*

  3. High dose Alka-Plex supplementation improved muscle recovery for both athletes (243% for Cyclist A, 110% for Cyclist B).*

  4. Alka-Plex supplementation may lower the heart rate and respiratory rate of athletes as they exercise to exhaustion.*

Source:  Elite Bicyclist Pilot Study
Using Two Levels of AlkaPlex® Supplementation 
By Emily Cooper, M.D.

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A Daily Regimen for Enhancing Physical Performance

Use our caplets as a daily regimen to enhance your recreational or competitive physical performance, increase endurance, reduce muscle soreness and accelerate muscle recovery after exercise.*

Turn Your Drinking Water Into a Performance “Booster”

Most tap water and, yes, most bottled water - despite its advantages - is acidic, which further contributes to acid build-up in your body. Whatever your water source, transform it to an alkaline state by dissolving our AlkaPlex granules in it. It’s also effective dissolved in juices and energy drinks - in fact, as a bonus, it takes the acidic edge off of the taste of many beverages…even coffee and wine.*

Drinking alkaline liquids is especially important before, during and after exercise for the reasons stated above for our caplets. Think of alkaline water as a fast-acting physical performance “booster” that complements your regimen of caplets.

(Note: When you mix the granules in  may observe some small, undissolved white specs - about the size of table salt crystals - floating in the water. They are hard bits of the calcium that serves as a “carrier” for the other alkalizing essential minerals in the AlkaPlex compound. They are tasteless and completely harmless.)


AlkaPlex Relevance


AlkaPlex granules induce greater muscle alkalinity and supports muscle and athletic endurance (or “time to fatigue”).*


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Exercise-induced metabolic acidosis causes fatigue which is mediated by AlkaPlex based dietary supplements.*


Sahlin K. Metabolic factors in fatigue. Sports Med. 1992 Feb;13(2):99-107. Alpern RJ, Sakhaee K. The clinical spectrum of chronic metabolic acidosis: homeostatic mechanisms produce significant morbidity. Am J Kidney Dis. 1997 Feb;29(2):291-302.

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 *Results may vary from person-to-person.
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Laboratory Tested

Alkaplex is proven to neutralize up to
1680% more acid than other products!

Independent testing by Pacific Testing Laboratories has documented that AlkaPlex neutralizes:

  • 1680% -- more acid than -- Maalox®
  • 1160% -- more acid than -- Tums®
  • 510% --- more acid than -- Prelief®
  • 300% --- more acid than -- Mylanta®
  • 240% ---more acid than -- Rolaids® w/alum.

AlkaPlex is entirely safe to take daily and indefinitely while...

  • Pepcid AC®,
  • Nexium®,
  • Prilosec® &
  • Prevacid®

should NOT be taken for more than two weeks continuously without consulting a physician and have a risk of organ damage if not properly administered.

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What Makes Root Cause ResponseTM So Unique?


A proprietary ingredient for helping manage excess body acid

All Natural

NO synthetics, NO steroids, NO stimulants, NO yeast, NO gluten, NO corn, NO soy, NO milk, No egg, NO sugar, NO artificial colors/flavorings, NO starch, NO preservatives and NO nuts

Patented Process

A patented manufacturing process that allows AlkaPlex to provide its benefits both quickly and over a long period of time

FDA Certified NDI

AklaPlex products have an FDA certification as a “New Dietary Ingredient” (NDI)

FDA Certified GRAS

AklaPlex products have an FDA Certification as “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS)

Superior Consistency

Exceeds Federal and pharmaceutical grade requirements for ingredient consistency

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From the Jounral of Integrated Medicine | Feb 2015, pg 8-12

Acidosis: An Old Idea Validated by New Research

By: Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief

The idea that “being too acid” contributes to disease susceptibility, especially cancer, has been around for a long time in the natural/integrative medicine world. This concept was easily discounted by conventional medicine as measuring blood pH on various types of diets showed no change.

Up until about 10 years ago, no research existed to counter this skepticism. However, since then, a growing body of research has documented not only that “acidosis” is a real phenomenon, but that it is now known to contribute to a wide range of diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and increased susceptibility to environmental toxins—and new research is adding to the list. In this editorial, I will review the biochemistry the various food components, soft drinks, prescription drugs, and metabolic dysfunctions affect the acid/base balance of cells...

Read Full Article >

"...acidosis is a real phenomenon...
known to contribute to a
wide range of diseases..."

Read original article at
(National Center for Biotechnology Information)

The Science Behind Root Cause ResponseTM

A patented system makes possible the encapsulation of three strong alkalizing minerals into microscopic crystals. Millions of crystals are then bound into a granule to deliver a controlled, time-release of the minerals into the body.

The result is both more effective and longer-lasting neutralization of excess body acid.* By delivering AlkaPlex into the body in a variety of forms (bare granules, caplets, capsules, creams, etc...), we can focus its effectiveness on a multitude of conditions.

Alkaplex could not exist if it weren't for this remarkable encapsulation process. And because this process is pateneted, only AlkaPlex has it, or ever will.

Read more about the Science behind AlkaPlex

* Results may vary from person-to-person.

AlkaPlexTM Encapsulated Crystal

Three minerals atomically bonded together 3 Microns in size or one-millionth of a meter.

The AlkaPlexTM Granual

Millions of crystals bound together,
1 millimeter in size.

Learn More about the science behind AlkaPlex

Why You Need AlkaPlex

A growing body of research has now clearly documented clinical benefit (to controlling acidosis) through diet and alkalizing supplements...~ Joe Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief, Integrative Medicine Read More >

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My issue was lower back pain, especially after golf or other activity that put pressure on my back. I had a history of a slipped disc 30 plus years ago. I have used Daily Peak Performance for a few years now and seldom have any back issues, even after playing golf several days in a row.*

~Tom L., Mill Creek WA

*Results may vary from person to person



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