About Root Cause Response LLC

Management Team

Jim Zue: Co-Founder
Barbara Hall: Co-Founder
Terry Roberts: Chief Marketing Officer


Our history is intimately intertwined with that of pH Sciences, the creator of The AlkaPlex® (formerly Alka-Plex®) Solution.

Jim Zue joined pH Sciences as Chief Operating Officer in 2003 and still holds that position today. No one knows more than Jim about the history, development and scientific substantiation of the AlkaPlex phenomonen and the trade secrets around its production.

Barbara Hall, a twenty-five year veteran of corporate logistics, has been a vital go-to resource for Jim Zue during his tenure with pH Sciences.

Terry Roberts - a 30-year veteran of consumer product marketng, direct marketing and internet marketing - served as Vice President - Marketing at pH Sciences for three years during its early go-to-market phase. He oversaw early product test marketing, product line extensions and development of competitive strategy.

When the pH Sciences board elected to have the company focus on its core-competency of ingredient licensing and defer consumer product marketing to outside parties specialising in consumer product marketing, the conversation began among the Root Cause Response management team that no group was better prepared to capitalize on the consumer product opportunity around The AlkaPlex Solution than we were. That led to the formation of Root Cause Response LLC in 2013.

The underlying premise behind all RCR products is that "without pH balance in the body, there is no balance period." Consequently,RCR intends to not only market pure AlkaPlex products, but also products contraining other proven, safe ingredients in cases where AlkaPlex can enhance the performance of those other ingredients.

RCR operates out of Lynnwood, Washington, one of Seattle's north end communities.



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