Who SHOULD Buy Our Products

Who Should Buy Our Products*
We're Grateful for Your Trust,
and You Might Like to Know...*
You have a variety of inexplicable ailments that health professionals have never been able to explain. Hundreds of our customers have been there, done that. The odds are very high that over-acidity is at least part of the root cause. Try a free sample of our "Daily Peak Performance" product and see if things improve. Chances are good they will.
You have done your homework about body acidity and are fully convinced that excess acidity is an important and common issue among Americans.
Thank you. If you browse our " Scientific Evidence " page, you should also find assurance that Root Cause Response products are the safe, effective choice. To further prove it to yourself, take advantage of our:
  • Free product samples (only a small S & H charge applies)
  • Free shipping
  • No-questions-asked guarantee for painless refunds
You are a retired or soon-to-be retired baby boomer, so health, longevity and quality-of-life have become uppermost in your mind. (Many a retirement kitty has been wiped out by beyond-belief medical costs and/or loss in the value of assets.)
Due to your age, you are a prime candidate for over-acidity.

Give our "Peak Daily Performance" product a try and see if a variety of symptoms that you have been having aren't improved or eliminated. It's a very reassuring and comforting experience to know you're addressing fundamental optimal health.
You simply "get it" (the over-acidity plague), either intellectually or intuitively, and you have been looking for the best and most scientifically-substantiated product on the planet to address it.
Welcome home.

You'll want to opt-in to our autoship option to take advantage of the discounted pricing and so that you never inadvertently run out of product.
You have an enlightened health care provider that suggested you take a body-acid management product.
Glory be. Once you have tried and are delighted with our products, please let that provider know what product(s) you chose and how it worked for you.
You have friends or acquaintances who have tried our products and raved to you about them, but trying them just hasn't percolated to the top of your to-do list.
Click here , and your first free-shipping, satisfaction-guaranteed order of our product(s) can be on your front porch two days or so from now.
You have unsatisfactorily-treated digestion issues.

And/or, you realize that the proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) for same (Prilosec, Prefacid, Aciphex, Protonix, Nexium and Zegarid) were never approved for use for more than two weeks at a time or for use more than three times per year - with a recommended four-month wait between dosages. And that's also true for their weaker over-the-counter versions. (What does that tell you about the risk of the prescription versions?)

PPI's can reduce the break-down of some drugs by the liver and lead to an increase in their concentration in the blood.
We created our “Digestion” product just for you. You can take it for as long as you wish without negative effects or conflicts.

You can take it only as a pre‐emptive strike before eating certain foods or beverages that tear at your gut, or take it every day - or before every meal - as a preventative.

Having said that, "Digestion" also works terrifically well as a fast and thorough fire extinguisher once the flames are blazing.
You know that “acidity” ‐ wherever it occurs “on the loose” ‐ is bad berries:

‐Car batteries eat clothes
‐Acid rain ruins statues
‐Fish die in water that’s acidic from run‐off
‐Batteries left in flashlights too long weld themselves to the innards due to leaking acid
‐Chemistry teachers never leave the room when experiments involving acid are going on in class

So, you want no part of too much acid running around in your body.
Good logic. Come on in.

"Daily Peak Performance" is our all-body, long-term acid management product. Starting there is the perfect approach for you.

 *Results may vary from person-to-person. 



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