Testimonials for Root Cause Response Products with AlkaPlex®

Reviews on "Acidic Foods" - Granules

My Chronic Heartburn is a Thing of the Past*

I have had acid reflex for years. This product is amazing. No bad taste. No gas etc. Just a little on top of any food that normally would give me heart burn. I now can eat what I want and no side effects."

From Amazon - P. Ralston


Zero Heartburn*

"I started using this a couple months ago after suffering long term chronic heartburn with otc antacids for relief. All I can say is this is a miracle. I can eat anything now and ZERO heartburn. I highly recommend the granules and the caplets."

From Amazon - Julie T


It's Been Life-Changing Regarding my Indigestion*

"This product is life-changing. Food that seemed to be triggers for indigestion or heartburn aren't anymore with the granules sprinkled on the food. Don't hesitate, it's amazing!"

From Amazon - Cindy Doyle


Reviews on "Daily Peak Performance" - Caplets

Acid Reflux, Cancer and Clearer Thinking*

“I am a retired professional. I have been bothered with acid reflux for years. In fact, it got so bad that it caused erosion of several teeth causing me to have some big dental bills! I used the OTC products for years with unhappy side effects and, also, began to hear about negative long-term risks of using the popular OTC meds for acid reflux.

“I also went through a bout of cancer needing only some tissue removal; no chemo or radiation needed. But, when you hear the word cancer, no matter how minor, you never forget that it may still be lurking in your body!

“Several years ago i went to a meeting to learn about AlkaPlex. I already knew that acid reflux was destructive. What I hadn’t heard before was that an acidic body system is a playground for cancer! Well, I decided that this was worth a try for both concerns.

“I started taking Caplets for overall body alkaline improvement and maintenance. To my surprise - counter to the fact that the Capsules were intended to be best suited for acid reflux - my acid reflux was no more...it was totally gone! Also, in addition to feeling that I might be helping to discourage a recurrence of cancer, I felt that I was thinking more clearly, more quickly able to access words that seemed to be coming more and more slowly as I aged.

“A girlfriend, also began to take Alkaplex. She, too, professes that it helps to clarify her thinking.

“So, one year ago, I placed my first auto-ship order for Caplets and have been using them ever sense. Six months later, I placed an auto-ship order for Capsules to arrive in alternating months. So I take several Caplets daily for over-all body use and one-two Capsules before bed to guard against in acid reflux. I am a happy camper killing several birds with one stone so to speak! I am thoroughly convinced that Alkaplex is supporting my aging body in several ways and I will be including it in the supplements I take for years to come.”

Shirley R. - Bellevue WA


Lower Back Pain is Gone*

My issue was lower back pain, especially after golf or other activity that put pressure on my back. I had a history of a slipped disc 30 plus years ago. I have used Daily Peak Performance for a few years now and seldom have any back issues, even after playing golf several days in a row.

By email: Tom L. - Mill Creek WA


A Huge Reduction in Aches and Pains After Workouts*

I've been taking this product regularly for some time now, and it has made a hugely positive difference for me. I get sick less often. I don't have aches and pains after working out. I just generally feel better. A while ago I ran out of tablets and simply forgot to reorder, and after a few weeks I began to feel kind of run down. Within a few days of taking the product again, I was feeling great!

From Amazon: David M. - Seattle WA


Reviews on "Digestion" - Capsules

First Time I Haven't Suffered in Two Years*

"I took two Digestion capsules before fried chicken tonight and this is the FIRST time in two years that I haven't suffered after I have eaten it! I am so excited...can't tell you! Thank you so much.”

Sue H. - Cuenca, Ecuador


It Handled My Heartburn & Blood Pressure Med Working Better*

"This is to share my experience with RCR products. What I can say for sure is that your product has changed my life. My quality of life is 100% improved. I did not realize how emotionally and physically draining my heartburn was until it was gone.

"I started with the granules first. You gave my sister RCR granules ["Acidic Foods" -ed.] and capsules to give me for my chronic heartburn.I used them first on May 13th at my sister's house while we were eating dinner. I started getting the burn and put the granules on my food and it stopped.

"I also get bad flare ups in the middle of the night. I lived on Tums and Zantac. I would take Tums in the middle of the night, because my heartburn woke me up. Now, I take a couple of RCR capsules ["Digestion" -ed.] before bed I don't get that.

"Today at work a co-worker brought lunch for everyone....it was chili. I haven't eaten chili in probably three or four years because it gives me heartburn so bad I vomit. I had a small bowl today with my granules and no heartburn. I got a little burn about an hour later, so I took a capsule for that and it went away!

"I am not sure if it is my imagination but it seems other things are happening too...it seems my blood pressure medicine is working better. I was mentioning to my sister last week that it seemed it wasn't working very good because my hands were always puffy. Since using the granules that has disappeared.

"Additionally, I am not achy and sore upon waking up like I have been. Maybe because the heartburn is all-but-gone my mood is lighter, I'm not sure. Thanks again for changing my life."

Julie T - Seattle WA


Joint Pain Much Less Frequent and Markedly Reduced*

"My level of joint pain was markedly reduced and the frequency was much less once I began a consistent regimen of taking the RCR Daily Peak Performance caplets with Alka-Plex. It has made a believer out of me!"
Ron S. Lake - Stevens WA


Chronic Heartburn Pain is Gone*

"I have used the caplets and the granules for the last couple of months after suffering long term chronic heartburn- using antacid over the counter for relief. This has been a miracle solution for me and has literally changed my life. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers chronic heartburn and is tired of taking over the counter drugs. This works on your food and it eliminates heartburn before it even starts."

From Amazon - Julie T.


It Put Out My Acid Reflux fire!*

I use this in place of all my acid reflex medications. I have had no bad side affects at all. I just take one.Ten minutes later another if it hasn't stopped.

From Amazon - P. Ralston

*Results may vary from person to person


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