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Who Should Not Buy Our Products*



We Respect Your Position, but You Might Consider...*
You think that's the end of it when your Doctor tells you that your body has five different systems for automatically managing body acid - that your body doesn’t need your help, so save your money.
Consider asking your Doctor why the following highly-regarded sources - among hundreds of others - accept excess body acid (metabolic acidosis) as a very real, destructive, treatable condition?
“A growing body of research has documented not only that *acidosis* is a real phenomenon, but that it is now known to contribute to a wide range of diseases. [snip] In many ways, we can consider acidosis as the constant pressure on the body’s physiology to compensate for all the acid-inducing challenges. The body is subjected to excess acid pressure primarily in 3 ways: diet/beverages, drugs, and disrupted metabolism. Acidosis only occurs when compensatory measures become overwhelmed. Equally important, although the blood pH does not change, the pH in the cells and intracellular space becomes more acidic, causing disruption of enzyme function, loss of insulin sensitivity and cellular metabolic adaptations.”

“Looking at the research on acidosis has been fascinating. I find it so encouraging when, yet again, an old-time concept is validated with modern research. A growing body of research has now clearly documented clinical benefit (to controlling excess body acid) through diet and alkalizing supplements. The concept of excessive acidity damaging health and increasing disease risk is sound, and I think we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.”


- Acidosis: An Old Idea Validated by New Research , Joe Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief, Integrative Medicine, Vol. 14, No. 1, February 2015
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Why should the widespread occurence of excess body acid in America surprise us? Just like our bodies weren’t built for what’s become our current (acidic) diet, it also wasn’t built to deal with high stress, slim‐to‐no exercise, potent acidic prescription drugs, and life expectancy of 70 – 90 years.
You are taking a number of dietary supplements and feel like that’s already enough (or even too many).
Ah, but Root Cause Response products with AlkaPlex are quite different from dietary supplements in both their function and objective. Unlike typical dietary supplements that try to target isolated (and often only suspected (not substantiated) symptoms of health risk, RCR products support overall optimal health by assisting your body's natural acid-management mechanisms in maintaining a slightly alkaline state. A state that virtually all diseases hate.

To put it another way, Root Cause Response products are designed to address the health of the playing field that dietary supplements (and everything else for that matter) play on.
You are on a tight budget that doesn’t allow RCR product purchases.
See the above item: when Root Cause Response products address your underlying optimal health, your need for dietary supplements might well be reduced, off-setting your investment in our products.

Also - though none of us likes to think about such things - If you become ill and can’t work, you may not have any income or budget at all.
You look at the ingredients in AlkaPlex and see the primary ones are magnesium, potassium and calcium.

So you conclude that AlkaPlex is just a fancy name for common minerals and that either: 1) You're getting enough of those already, and/or 2) RCR products are overpriced if AlkaPlex is primarily common minerals.
AlkaPlex is to ordinary minerals what bike riding is to oyster shucking.

The effectiveness of AlkaPex is possible only because the creator of its mineral compound also designed, invented, perfected and patented a machine with theretofore impossible capabilities. It encapsulates the highly-alkaline minerals into calcium shells at the microscopic level, which allows the controlled, slow release of the minerals for maximum absorption over a longer period of time, the secret to its effectiveness.

AlkaPlex could not exist if it weren't for that remarkable encapsulation process. And only AlkaPlex has it...or ever will.

By delivering AlkaPlex into the body in a variety of forms (bare granules, caplets, vegetable-based capsules, creams, etc.) we can focus its effectiveness on a variety of conditions.

It is also worth noting that future RCR products currently in development will have ingredients beyond AlkaPlex to add additional and complementary effectiveness for a wide range of conditions. The over-riding premise of all RCR products is that "without pH balance, there is no balance period."
You have concerns about side‐ effects or interactions with supplements and/or prescription drugs that you are taking.
Good for you – that’s a question that should always be considered.

We can tell you that after hundreds of customers taking thousands of bottles of AlkaPlex, we are not aware of a single case of undesirable drug interaction. The most serious side‐effect we’re aware of is a bit of bloating or constipation. And that was because those customers were taking considerably more than our recommended dosage for a given product.
You are wary of online sellers, especially when it comes to things you put in your body.
Fair enough. Just so you’re aware, that’s why we shift all the risk to us instead of you. We offer free samples of our products (with only a small S&H fee), free shipping, and a no‐questions ask refund guarantee – so that people like you can sample our products without risk.
You will also be interested in our “ Scientific Evidence ” page, which documents why we don’t need to resort to snake oil claims.
You don’t like to use credit cards online.

We understand your concern. If it helps, our Amazon‐ powered, fully encrypted ecommerce system has the highest security of any online store in the world. There is a far greater chance that your credit card info would be pirated by a clerk in a physical store (you gave them your card number, expiration and signature), someone pawing through store garbage bins (for cc receipts), or intercepted from an email or phone call.

You could call in your credit card info and we’ll be delighted to take your order, but as you see, that’s much more risky than paying online.
You're not sure which of our products is most suitable for you. Totally understandable. We’ve tried to anticipate that issue with our “ Which Product(s) for You ” page.

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