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Dear friends, Root Cause Response is delighted to announce that our referral program is now available.

How the Referral Program Works from Customers’ Perspective

This is not just a typical referral program.

When prospects click on our referrors’ unique links provided by RCR after sign-up, the prospects are taken directly to a page where they are provided with a coupon code good for 15% off on their first purchase. And if they elect our autoship option for any products, they will continue to get 15% off of those products with every order.

It’s worth emphasizing that your referrals have to do nothing more than click on your link and purchase at are no in-between steps to create confusion or resistance.

How the Referral Program Works from the Referror's Perspective

All the details about the program are provided on page Overview of the ProgramThat page details the type of affiliates we are looking for. In short, we are far more interested in the quality than the quantity of affiliates. You should have ready access to significant numbers of realistic prospects for Root Cause Response customers.

On the bottom of the above page is application form to sign up for the referral program.
Important note: the application form requires a PayPal account email where you wish to receive commission payments. PayPal is required because it is part of an automated, integrated process built into the referral program software. PayPal is considered just about the most secure payments system available – if you don’t have an account there yet, you will need to create one to so you can enter your PayPal email address into the application.

After submitting the application form, here’s what will happen:

1) You’ll get an email right away acknowledging the submission.
2) Within a day or two, you will get an email notifying you of acceptance. That email  will also provide you:
a. Your unique referral ID

b. Your referral account log-in URL and credentials

c. A list of marketing tools you can use in your promotions and where to find them in your account

d. Introductory description on the various other features of your account, like reports on your clicks and sales activity, commissions due, and commission payment history

3) Whenever a sale occurs for which you will be commissioned, you will get an email stating so and how much the commission is.

If you have questions or comments about the referral program, please email me at:
Terry Roberts – Chief Marketing Officer

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