The AlkaPlex Story - Why Is It Needed, and How Does It Work to Reduce Over-Acidity?

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Why is AlkaPlex needed?

We are probably at optimum overall health at approximately 18 – 22 years of age.  Due to our diet in terms of the quality of food we eat, the choices of food we eat, our lack of proper exercise and just the aging process itself, we begin to develop a condition of being overly acidic.  In medical terms this condition is labeled ‘metabolic acidosis’.  In simple terms, we develop and retain more acid in our body than what we can buffer(neutralize) and eliminate from our system. 
Normally our body has some built in systems to do this buffering and elimination process.  Our organs are designed to process this acid waste through our kidneys, lungs, intestinal tract and our skin (perspiration is acidic).  As we age, our internal systems become less efficient in this process, and we compound this inefficiency through the poor quality and types of foods we eat.  Our bodies become overly acidic and when this happens, it disrupts many of our natural functions.
This is what also happens at the cellular level when it can’t get rid of the acidic waste – your cell shuts down and the work the cell was supposed to do is stopped.  A very common example of this is when you do strenuous work and find you can’t continue because you “just can’t move another muscle”.  You have created more acidic waste (exhaust) at the cellular level that the cell can’t get rid of so the cell shuts down and the muscle stops working. 
Many negative health conditions are associated with being overly acidic.  Anything you can do to reduce the acid level in your bodily systems and move towards a more alkaline (less acidic) state, you are getting back to how your body was designed to function, and conditions associated with being overly acidic will begin to show signs of improvement.

How Does AlkaPlex Address Over-Acidity?

Our products are designed to reduce the amount of metabolic acidosis (over acidity) conditions that are so prevalent in our society today, due to diet, stress, lack of exercise, the aging process, injury and other conditions that raise acid levels and compromise your body’s natural ability to fight off unhealthy attacks on your immune system. 
  • Our Acidic Food granules work by reducing the acid level in foods before you even digest or swallow them.  You sprinkle the granules on acidic foods first to neutralize the acids and then you eat or swallow the food.

  • Our Digestion capsules are designed to work only in the stomach to “put out the fire of indigestion or heartburn”.  One to two capsules will usually do the trick.

  • Our Daily Peak Performance caplets (tablets) are taken to make your overall body more efficient at neutralizing cellular waste in your whole body, wherever you are the most acidic.   It helps rid your body of acidic wastes and builds up your immune system.

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