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An autoship program allows you to place an order for one or more products one time, then put it on autopilot from there so that those products are automatically billed to your credit card and shipped to at whatever interval you choosel You can elect to cancel or adjust the autoship at any time.

RCR's autoship program, which is available for each of our products except complementary samples, rewards you with a 15% discount on every product with every order. Feedback from customers has educated us that there are numerous reasons why people hesitate to opt-into autoship. In short, their needs change and evolve.

So, we've designed our autoship program to provide you maximum control over which products you receive when and how often. Initially, you can set the interval at15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 days.

Once you've elected to go with autoship, you can log into your account at any time and:

  1. Add any eligible product to autoship - the interval and other details of those shipments can be different from any other autoships that you have set up
  2. Delete any given product from autoship
  3. Change the interval at which you're receiving shipments for any given product
  4. Delay your next autoship; leave the balance of your schedule intact, or slide the entire future shipping schedule to start anew from your new date
  5. Change the frequency (interval) of any given autoship

If you prefer, just send a request for how you would like your autoship adjusted to

To initiate autoship, look for the below feature under each product listing in our online store. Just click the button next to "Subscribe", select your initial interval from the drop-down menu, and click "Add to Cart." From there, just check out normally.

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