Like a "Roomful of Toxic Gas"

Imagine yourself trapped in a room full of toxic gas, day-after-day, year-after-year. I say year-after-year because it’s not an instantaneously lethal gas. No. It’s the kind that eats away at your body and its self-defense systems a little bit at a time. Completely undetected.


Eventually, because of your weakened state, your body succumbs to some kind of other nasty stuff that gets into the room. The result: a compromised, shorter life than you should have enjoyed.


Now, rewind. What if - in that room of toxic gas - there was a table at one end covered with dozens of dietary supplements. Calcium. Vitamin E. Gingo Biloba. Curcumin. Glucosamine. Saw Palmetto…you pick. And there was a nice, bottomless source of water near by.


Knowing what you know about the toxic gas that fills your environment, would your reaction to the supplements more likely be:


1. “Oh, goodie, saved at last.”


or (something like)


2. “Oh, great. I get to die with adequate nutrients in my system.”


You’d opt for number 2, of course. What good does putting nutrients into a toxic environment do?


But what’s the real point? Well, for the majority of us Americans, our bodies are a toxic room. We are victims of excess body acid. It’s called metabolic acidosis, which the medical community has finally admitted is diagnosable and treatable. Most of us Americans have acidosis due to our modern acidic diet, environmental toxins, exercise, stress, aging, and pharmaceutical drugs. And it negatively impacts every system in our bodies (would you like to work in an acid bath?).


So, if our bodies are even slightly more acidic that they should be, they cannot heal themselves. And any type of modality you choose to address your health needs won’t be as effective as it might be until your acid-alkaline state is in the optimal range. Meanwhile, your body cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements!


So, how do you eliminate your acidic “roomful of toxins”? Among other important things, the latest science says you maintain a daily regimen of an effective oral alkalizing agent:


“A growing body of research has now clearly documented clinical benefit (to controlling acidosis) through diet and alkalizing supplements .
The concept of excessive acidity damaging health and increasing disease risk is sound, and
I think we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg .”

[- Acidosis: An Old Idea Validated by New Research , Joe Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief, Integrative Medicine, Vol. 14, No. 1, February 2015]


And that, of course, is where Root Cause Response comes in. In our humble opinion, we believe that the alkalizing agent that wreaks havoc on excess body acid better than any other option is AlkaPlex®.*  But we have very good reason to believe that.


 *Results may vary from person-to-person.



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