I'm Your Stomach


Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce myself — I’m your stomach. And it’s time we have a talk about all this heartburn and indigestion business.

My name is Frank. Between you and me, being your stomach has not been that much fun lately. Back when you took me for granted — well, those were the good old days for me. No, no — that’s okay. I really don’t expect you to dote on me when things are going well.

Yes, I digest and forward everything you eat or drink. And, yes, that means if you live to be 80 and eat three squares a day, I will have processed 87,600 meals and heaven knows how many snacks for you during your lifetime. (Sheesh! When you think of it, that’s quite a heap of vittles!) But, I don’t expect a lot of celebrity and fuss. In fact, what I want to talk to you about is just the opposite.

I just don’t want you to take me for granted anymore! In fact, I’m beginning to feel like you resent me. Ever since these heartburn and indigestion problems flared up, you’ve been saying some pretty harsh things. I know — I really do know — that the pain can be awful, that it’s highly embarrassing and inconvenient, and that sometimes it really messes up your lifestyle.
But when you’re upset, my buddies also take it personally, and it’s breaking their one and only heart. That would be Esophagus (he transports your food from your mouth down to me when you swallow) and the Esophageal Sphincter (he’s supposed to hold the top of the Esophagus closed to keep my contents from “backing up,” very much like a drainpipe into the lower Esophagus). My buddies refer to our group as The Digestive Tract, which seems a bit pretentious to me but, hey, if it makes them feel better about their jobs…


So, we had a little meeting, and they elected me to say something to you because you seem to identify with me the most.
See, the heartburn and indigestion aren’t my fault. I’m supposed to have a certain level of acid in me. That’s how I break down your food so the blood stream can absorb it. But sometimes the acid level gets a bit out of hand — and that’s when you feel the pain inside me or even up in the Lower Esophagus.

The Lower Esophagus pain could be just because you’re lying down, or because there is pressure on your abdomen when you bend, or because the Esophageal Sphincter is weak or damaged. I realize you may have a disease or condition that contributes to these things, but having a body acid level that is higher than normal definitely aggravates the amount and severity of the acid burning you feel.

Now, don’t beat up on yourself. The bigger picture is that many peoples’ natural acid management systems have become overwhelmed, a state that is now believed to be chronic among most Americans. But really, should they be surprised? Their bodies weren’t designed for the typical American acid-inducing diet, continuous high stress, intermittent exercise, aging to 70–90 years, environmental toxins, and the amount of highly acidic pharmaceutical drugs they ingest.

What to Do

Here’s the deal.

We all think that if you get your acid level down, there’s a good chance your heartburn and indigestion symptoms — as well as other health issues — would get a lot better, maybe even disappear. Well, I have good news on that front.

The word from the grapevine is that there is a new and innovative acid-neutralizing mineral compound worth looking at. A brilliant inventor named Macit Gurol, who has over 30 patents on all kinds of stuff (including the air bag for autos) has invented and patented a pioneering solution for the lessening of excess body acid.

Like most inventors, Macit tends to work on problems that personally bug him. Well, Macit has always loved coffee, but as he aged, the acid in coffee started wreaking havoc with his system. So he had a vested interest in finding out how to tame the acid in coffee so he can continue drinking his favorite brew.

Lo and behold, on the way to figuring out how to control the acid in coffee, he discovered a remarkable way to control acid levels in the entire body — or to target specific acid issues — depending on the form by which the product is delivered into the body.

Part of Macit’s answer was the ingredients themselves, which were common minerals, but delivered in a way never before possible. The delivery of the ingredients is now possible because Macit invented, built, and patented an amazing machine and several production processes just to be able to get the compound to behave the way he wanted.

The result is the encapsulation of three strong alkalizing minerals into microscopic crystals. Millions of the crystals are bound into tiny granules to deliver a totally safe and controlled time-release of the minerals into the body rather than the flash-in-the pan action of other acid-management approaches. The manufacturing process is so exact that any individual tiny grain you might pick at random will be 99% identical to any other tiny grain. Even the way-big companies haven’t figured out how to do that.

Macit named the final form of the ingredient AlkaPlex™. It could not exist if it weren’t for that remarkable encapsulation process. And only AlkaPlex™ has it…or ever will.

More Good News

I’ve just learned that an outfit called www.RootCauseResponse.com (RCR) has been licensed to come up with three nonprescription products featuring AlkaPlex™. The two that got my initial attention are Digestion and Acidic Foods.

RCR designed Digestion, in its vege-capsule form, to dissolve quickly when it hits me (your stomach) and to extinguish the acid fire.

Acidic Foods comes in a simple granular form. You shake it on acidic foods or mix it in your beverages so it knocks down the acid levels in foods before they ever hit your system. I know that it’s hard to stop eating foods you love, so Acidic Foods could be a big help.

What a blessing the results could be! You could get back your comfort, convenience, and quality of life. Just think, you could resume taking me for granted. I’d stop bugging you and could settle myself into just digesting and forwarding your food throughout your system at a nice leisurely pace. Plus — no small luxury for me — Esophagus and Esophageal Sphincter would get off my case.

Now, word is, you’re going to hear about other possible solutions. So it may save you a lot of time and hassle to know the following:

A Reality Check

Now, before I go, I want to be exceeding clear about two things. So, please read closely.

First, RCR products cannot cure any underlying disease you may have that is contributing to your digestive tract problems. While that would be wonderful, it’s beyond the ability of these products. Giving you relief from your symptoms, however, is the next best thing, and that is what Digestion and Acidic Foods do.

Second, no product of any sort helps everybody! And for those it does help, no remedy helps every person to the same degree. As much as we all have in common, each of us is unique in many ways.

With that understanding, I hope you give the RCR creations a try.

What Now?

I suggest you go to the following places to learn more about the AlkaPlex™ and Root Cause Response stories:

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