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Independent Sales Representation to the Resellers Market

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Independent Sales Representation Program Definition

We define sales representatives as individuals who call on prospective Resellers, present the RCR Reseller opportunity, and introduce interested, prospective Resellers to the RCR management team for mutual consideration, with the goal of executing a Resellers agreement.

To ensure upfront that it is clear that a sales representive will get credit for bringing us a reseller, sales representatives must submit the idendity of their prospective resellers to RCR for approval in advance of making calls on the prospect. The prospect then becomes a "registered prospect."
This is to protect sales representatives from investing time, money and energy in prospective resellers with which:
a) RCR already has a prior relationship,
b) RCR is not interested in doing business, or
c) another sales representative has already registered with RCR

Registration also protects the representative's interests in the following manner: RCR warrants that it will not directly contact sales representatives' "registered prospects" without the consent of the representative within six months of the prospect being registered.

RCR pays a commission to sales representatives who demonstrate that they are the primary catalyst or impetus in bringing any given Reseller prospects and RCR together, resulting in an executed Reseller agreement. The commission is a percentage of RCR product purchases - at wholesale pricing - by resellers that the rep is credited with introducing to RCR. Commissions will be paid as long as the reseller continues to make purchases.

What Kind of Representatives We Are Looking For
  • We are much more interested in the quality of our sales representatives than we are the quantity. We look for the following attributes in our sales representatives:
  • High integrity in dealing with all parties
  • A positive image
  • Expertise relevant to self-care health
  • Established connections with significant Reseller prospects
  • Sufficient familiarity with Federal requirements around marketing dietary supplements
  • Will represent no other products directly-competitive with RCR products.
Prospective sales reps must submit an application and be approved. Upon mutual approval of terms, policies and procedures, a sales representation agreement is accordingly executed. The reseller orders products directly from Root Cause Response, LLC, which fulfills the orders. If you are interested in exploring becoming a reseller of RCR products, please complete and submit the form below.



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