"100 Top Thought-Leaders" Program Description and Instructions for Thought-Leaders

Greetings from:
Terry D. Roberts, Chief Marketing Officer
Root Cause Response LLC
Seattle WA

Welcome! And congratulations on being included in our "100 Top Thought-Leaders in Wellness, Diet & Nutrition" directory, a health educational program for our company's customers and all other site visitors.  

Because RCR markets science-based products that help manage cellular health and it's inseparable relationship with healthy acid-alkaline balance, our site visitors are hungry for a wide variety of the latest health information. So we created the thought-leader program to make it convenient for them to find a variety of established sources of information and perspectives beside just ours - like yours!

This page will describe the various levels at which you can engage with this program - depending on the relevance of our information and products to your mission and your personal perspectives. Regardless of the level you elect to participate, it will not cost you a penny. We have no intention of trying to sell you anything...rather, we're offering you a unique opportunity to grow your own business. The level at which you elect to participate in our program is solely up to you.

Of course, if you are enthused about the benefits that our products can provide to your constitutents, we will suggest some ways that you can help introduce RCR and our products to them and provide you the resources to do so. In fact, the top-level option we offer is your ability to activily promote our products and earn income from your referrals.

At the very least, merely by being selected to be included in our program directory, we will help increase awareness of you, your products & services, and we will drive free traffic to your channels and resources.  A description of your mission/focus, products, services and clickable links to all of your online channels have been included in your directory listing. Leverage it as another credential to add to your resume.

Since we realize that it may take some time to get to know us and our products before you're comfortable taking it further, if you wish your listing with its links to you to be kept in the "100 Top Thought-Leaders" directory, at least opt-in to the "The Passive Level" described below right now so we don't inadvertently remove you.

Below are the levels at which you can choose to participate (or not), subject to change by you at any time. And at the bottom of this page, we have provided a quick-and-easy form that allows you to inform us at what level you think you would like to participate in this program...at least initially. That will allows us to follow-up with you appropriately.

The Opt-Out:

If, for any reason (which we find hard to imagine) you elect to be removed from our directory of thought-leaders and not take advantage of the free exposure we will provide you, just select that option on the form below and you will be promptly removed from the directory. (We will be sorry to see you go.)

The Passive Level:

You don't have to do anything but submit the below form. Just enjoy the exposure we provide you and the traffic we drive to you.

The Educate-Your-Constituents Level:

Educate your constitutents about cellular health and its inseparable connection to proper acid-alkaline balance by leveraging the many informational resources we can provide you:

  • Scientific studies and product performance test reports
  • White papers and articles
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Scientific animation videos about our products' effectiveness, including their scientific mechanism of action which is rare in the dietary supplements industry (most companies don't KNOW if or why their products really work, let alone provide you the science behind it)
  • The story behind the essential mineral compound AlkaPlex - the key ingredient in RCR products - and its patented, controlled time-relase delivery system to every cell in the body
  • Arrange interviews with our key people on which you can base exclusive feature stories

We will be creating a library of educational materials and provide you the link to it so you can download whatever you find helpful at your convenience.

    So you can speak in the first person about our products, at your request, we will send you complimentary trial samples of our products that you can try yourself (US and Canada only, please) - there's not even a handling or shipping charge. Just check the box in the form we link to below indicating that you would like us to send you samples, and provide your mailing address.

    The Promotional Level:

    Collaborate with us to create a special RCR product purchase offer for your constituents to make you look like a hero by "going to bat for them" to save them money.

    The Income-Producing Level:

    Become one of our referral partners and earn commissions on the purchases of RCR products that your constituents make, for as long as they make them.

    Important Next Step - Whether You Elect to
    Participate or Not

    Even if your choice is to opt-out of the "100 Top" program, please take a couple of minutes to complete our participation level selection form so that we can respond and take action appropriately. Thank you!



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